User's demand and satisfaction is the direction and goal of hangtai technology
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Beijing Zhongjing HangTai Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as HangTai Technology) was founded in 2006. It is a national high-tech enterprise and Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise specializing in military radar detection and simulation, microwave components, atmospheric aircraft and other technology research and development and services. It is located in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone.



Hangtai technology has an excellent team of senior experts who have been engaged in radar, microwave and atmospheric fields for many years. They have mastered the core technologies of radar detection, microwave design and atmospheric data processing, and have 30 years of aerospace product R & D engineering experience. Hangtai technology always adheres to the R & D road of laying a solid foundation with technological innovation. From microwave components to complete machine and system products, hangtai technology is at the domestic leading level, and some products are at the international leading level, and are widely used in national defense equipment. Hangtai technology has obtained 2 patents and 32 software copyrights.

With microwave technology as its main business, hangtai technology is mainly engaged in all kinds of radar detection machines, radar signal simulation systems, all kinds of microwave components and all kinds of microwave test systems and tools. In terms of the whole machine, we have developed multi radar altimeter, obstacle avoidance radar, guidance radar, speed measuring radar, analog radiation radar detection machine, and various radar signal excitation, scene simulation, interference simulation and other simulation systems, and formed mass production; in terms of microwave components, we have developed multi standard microwave components, frequency hopping radio RF front end (5W / 30m ~ 2500m frequency hopping front end, 2W / 225m ~ 18W frequency hopping front end) 100m FH front end, 3U VPX 1 slot software radio RF module), active microwave amplifier module (broadband low noise amplifier, small signal high gain amplifier, programmable amplifier, power amplifier), active function module (precision frequency conversion module, high performance DDS frequency synthesizer, small broadband phase locked source, wide band numerical control attenuator, phase shifter, I / Q modem, channelized receiver, t / R module) passive micro amplifier Wave module (filter and switch filter bank, duplex and multiplexer, broadband power divider, pin microwave switch), FMC daughter board (FMC RF daughter board, fmc16bitad daughter board), etc. all have series and universal products, which can meet the needs of various fields; in terms of test system and tools, we can undertake customized design and development services, such as RF signal delay system, multi band composite transceiver System, microwave test system and tooling design capacity and production capacity with industry-leading level.


The user's demand and satisfaction is the direction and goal of hangtai technology. Beijing Zhongjing HangTai Technology Co., Ltd. serves customers wholeheartedly with its high-tech, high reliable products and perfect after-sales service system!

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