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Radar altimeter working scene simulation system

Radar altimeter echo simulation system is used to simulate the real working scene of various radar altimeter systems, and completes the output of the echo excitation signal of radar altimeter under complex working conditions, and is used for the evaluation of various performance of radar altimeter. The simulation system can simulate the echo of the radar altimeter, the echo of the surface target, the multiple travel simulation of the radar echo in the landing stage of the aircraft, the echo simulation of the radar altimeter under the flight attitude, the forward and backward Doppler simulation and the antenna direct wave signal simulation. It is used for altimeter height measurement performance test or altimeter control or integrated monitoring system test;
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Product description

★Product composition

The whole simulation system is mainly composed of microwave down conversion link, frequency synthesizer, up conversion link, delay line unit, power dynamic adjustment unit, baseband DRFM, main control unit and calibration unit.


★Product function

* According to the information given by the simulation system, the echo signal of altimeter is generated in real time. The echo signal contains the core information of flight altitude, vertical velocity, echo attenuation and so on;

* According to the flight attitude, antenna beam, beam direction, reflector scattering characteristics and other information, the plane target scene can be output in real time;

* According to the characteristics of the aircraft loaded on the radar altimeter, the multiple travel signals of the radar echo are calculated in real time when approaching near zero altitude;

* The performance of radar altimeter is evaluated based on the measurement results of radar altimeter;

* The output signal power of dynamic continuous altitude, static altitude and Doppler effect can be simulated manually to meet various test functions.


★Technical index

* Applicable radar system: radio altimeter and radar altimeter;

* Target echo type: point target echo and surface target echo;

* Multiple travel echo in the site: not less than 5 trips;

* Direct wave signal position: 0-10m;

* Frequency of work center: 4.3GHz (customizable);

* The range of simulated height: 0.5~30000m;

* Simulation height resolution: 0.1m;

* Simulation height accuracy: ±(0.2+0.002×H)m;

* Doppler: 500k~500k;

* Attitude: pitch and roll 45°.



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