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HYQ-02A High precision atmospheric processor

The air data processor is used to sense the total static pressure or distributed pressure of the incoming flow of the aircraft, and realize the measurement of flight parameters such as Mach number, air pressure altitude, vertical velocity and indicated airspeed. The air pressure signal introduced from the outside of the aircraft, which is sensitive to the atmospheric processor, is processed by the solving circuit. According to the specific algorithm set by the number of pressure channels, the shape of the carrier and the distribution situation of pressure measuring points, the atmospheric parameters such as static pressure, total pressure, air pressure altitude, indicated airspeed and flight Mach number are output and sent to the flight control unit in the form of digital quantity.
Hyq-02a high-precision atmosphere processor developed by hangtai technology adopts high-precision vibrating cylinder pressure sensor, which is specially designed for large UAV. The products meet the aerospace standards, can adapt to harsh environment, and can be widely used for the measurement of atmospheric parameters in aerospace fields such as high-altitude high-speed UAV and near space ultra long endurance UAV. The product features small volume, light weight, high precision, wide range and good stability.
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HYQ-02A Main electrical performance

* Number of channels: 2 (1-way total pressure, 1-way static pressure, expandable);

* Static pressure measurement range: 3kpa ~ 130kpa;

* Static pressure measurement accuracy: 0.03% FS;

* Total pressure measurement range: 3kpa ~ 250kPa;

* Total pressure measurement accuracy: 0.03% FS;

* Air pressure height measurement range: - 400 ~ 20000m;

* Air pressure height measurement accuracy:



* Mach number measurement range: 0 ~ 1.0;

* Mach number measurement accuracy: ± 0.01;

* Indicated airspeed range: 30-1500km / h;

* Indicated airspeed accuracy: ± 10km / h;

* Vertical velocity measurement range: - 200 - + 200m / S;

* Vertical velocity measurement accuracy: ± 4m / S (vy less than 100m / s), ± 0.04vy (vy more than 100m / s, less than 200m / s);

* Data update rate: 20ms;

* The power supply DC is 18 ~ 36V, and the power consumption is not more than 7W;

* Volume and weight: 120mm × 120mm × 50mm, 0.9kg;

* Working temperature: - 40 ~ + 60 ℃.

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