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20 2021-02

Long Erding rocket one arrow four stars light "dawn"! The first shot for the double victory of epidemic prevention and control and model task

At 5:07 on February 20, Long March 2 Ding, developed by China Aerospace Technology Group Co., Ltd., first sent four new technology test satellites into the scheduled orbit in Xichang Satellite Launch Center in a single arrow and four stars. The launch mission was successful, which opened a good start for fighting the fight against epidemic prevention and control and model task.
20 2021-01

Equipped with new domestic power, the domestic rainbow 5 UAV can remain on the ground for 120 hours, realizing global bombing

Now the UAV, a new weapon, has become a favorite of all countries. In some small-scale wars, the UAV also has a very good performance. As a weapon containing high-tech, it has advantages and characteristics different from manned fighter, which makes modern war have some new changes.
18 2021-01

Rainbow-5 UAV makes its debut in China

Rainbow-4 and rainbow-5 UAVs developed by rainbow UAV Technology Co., Ltd. of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. have successfully completed their first flight in the new year of 2021.
13 2021-01

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! The multi type target projectile in a naval training area is a new weapon

In recent days, a naval trial training area has organized troops to transfer from different regions and provide targets in batches under the high cold weather environment, and carry out mobile target support training.

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