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Radar target echo and altimeter target echo and jamming scene simulation system

Radar target echo and radio altimeter target echo and jamming simulation simulator is used to generate RF / if radar target echo signal, radio altimeter target echo and jamming signal. It is a special equipment for hardware in the loop simulation test and verification of radar and radio altimeter. The simulator adopts the general modular architecture, which has the characteristics of high performance index, good consistency and excellent interchangeability.
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Product description

★Product composition

1. Repeater radar target and jamming simulator: realize the simulation of target echo and jamming signal based on DRFM technology;

2. Injection radar target simulator: it can simulate the target echo of sum and difference channel and be received by radar through baseband, if or RF injection;

3. Outdoor portable radar target simulator: it is easy to operate and carry.


★Product function

1. It can truly simulate the echo signal characteristics of radar target and radio altimeter target, including amplitude, range delay, Doppler frequency, etc;

2. It can simulate various jamming signals, including noise jamming (aiming noise jamming, blocking noise jamming, frequency sweeping noise jamming, pulse jamming, convolution noise jamming), deception jamming (range towing, velocity towing, range velocity joint towing, etc.), false target (multiple uniform false targets or multiple independent false targets), scintillation jamming, comb spectrum jamming, chaff jamming, and drag jamming;

3. It can simulate the amplitude and phase of target echo signal in sum and difference channel, and realize the simulation of target angle information;

4. Provide RS232, RS485, LVDS, Ethernet and other communication interfaces.


★Product features

1. Suitable radar types: fire control radar, early warning radar, active / semi-active seeker, radio altimeter, ground command radar, etc;

2. Adaptive Radar System: PD, PC, frequency agility, stepped frequency, phased array, monopulse, coherent / incoherent, etc;

3. Based on modular design, different modules can be configured according to different requirements;

4. The hardware platform of the system is reconfigurable, and different simulation functions can be realized by configuring different software.


★Application area

1. Single machine simulation test verification;

2. Field maintenance test;

3. Extension test;

4. Anti interference test;



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